Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day One

imageThe morning started out with us opening the door and WOWing how much snow we had! We heard our final snow count was 17.2 inches!

Then, since we were pretty sure the snow day was coming, I was able to plan ahead the night before.  We had monkey bread for breakfast.


While I cleaned up a bit and worked from home, I let the boys play a little Wii in their robes.  C’mon, it’s a snow day!  Snow Day = Vacation Day.

imageThen issued a snow day fort-building challenge that we needed to take part in. 







The fort was complete with G.I.Joe protection.




image Then I booted the boys outside for some fresh air and exercise…while I got hot cocoa w/ “mushrooms” ready inside.  (AJ gets marshmallows and mushrooms mixed up.)

image image

Throw in couple short DVD’s from the library along with homemade mac and cheese for dinner and we have Snow Day success!

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