Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just wishin' you'd take me fishin'

Daddy, when we catch a fish, can we put it in your water box?
(live well)

Because I haven't yet acquired my fishing license, I'm forced to sit back in the boat with my book, shell pistachios, and work on my tan. It’s a shame, really.

About halfway through the evening, AJ ‘casts’ his entire pole into the lake.  And it’s gone. Gone gone.  Of course, he is immediately heart broken. Daddy quickly explains that he is not the first person who has ever done that and that he himself has thrown his pole into the lake while casting. 

He then went on to explain that it just means they need to go and buy a brand new pole… but this time not a “Cars” pole, but a “reel” fishing pole…. which after about a minute AJ found hilarious because he got the pun.

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