Saturday, December 29, 2012

Questionable Cosby?

We have started watching The Cosby show.  I had forgotten how good it was and when reintroduced to it recently, I loved it all over again and thought the boys would too.  We started recording it and watching it here and there.

So far the boys love it!  However, the other day was an episode done on smoking.  It was well done and just fine for my 6 and 8 year old.  And of course, Mr. Huxtable handled the situations with perfect parenting skills.

A couple of days after watching that episode, AJ had his friend spend the night and while they were eating dinner, I offered that they could watch a Cosby.  AJ came over very quietly and asked me, "Is the Cosby show appropriate for (insert friend's name)?"

I just laughed as I thought about my 6 year old being concerned about what's appropriate for another 6 year old.  Plus... c'mon.. it's the Cosby show!  But then, I soon caught AJ giving his buddy a very serious play by play of the smoking episode.

Ahhh...  that's where the question came from.

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