Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bouncing & Shrugging

It's time for another bad-blogger, update post. To reward you for suffering through these, there are at least some pictures of the kids sprinkled throughout.

Well, we are gearing up for Marc to take his second trip to TX tomorrow. It's been a busy week. Last Friday we went to a surprise party for a friend of ours. It was his 40th and we were able to leave the kids with our neighbor, so it was a nice evening out.

The weekend entailed of replaceing our broken TV with a new one and all the wires, set-up, removal, etc... that goes with that. Surprisingly it was much more involved that I thought it would be, but I'm thankful we had a friend around who know much more than we did about what he was doing.

Sunday we went to Andrew's preschool's church to listen to him sing. It was funny. He has been singing the songs for me at home, very animated, using the hand motions, etc... But went he got on stage, he really barely sang. Mostly he bounced & shrugged. But he did a good job. I just went with my neighbor/Andrew's classmate, so that we wouldn't have to put our other kids in an unfamilier class.

Monday was preschool, errands, work around the home and Bible Study in the evening. I watched our neighbor's kids a bit on Tuesday. And today I babysat. It was SO nice outside. I was able to get the boys in the backyard for a while this morning, which seemed to make the whole day better. We also were able to take a nice walk/bike ride tonight. In fact, we lost track of time a bit and ended up eating a late dinner. Oh well. Leftovers nuke quickly.

Tonight we are just relaxing a bit, pulling things together for Marc's trip, and getting the house back in shape. I babysit again tomorrow, Friday is preschool/errands, then my parents are coming up this weekend to celebrate Andrew turning FIVE on Monday.

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