Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lucky Me.

This was another one of our days off... where I am not babysitting and there is no preschool. But as an added bonus... it's 69 degrees outside!!! It had been a crazy around here the previous 4-5 days, so last night on the way home from Bible Study, the boys and I brainstormed about what we could do fun today.

We got up early (not by my choice, of course) and the kiddos got to eat homemade cinnamon toast for Toasty Tuesday while watching some Playhouse Disney. I showered and cleaned the house a bit. At ten, we went to the library for a while. The boys played and picked out "the coolest book ever!" (Spiderman Easy Reader) and I picked up a few books I had requested. (One of them being "Sister's Keeper" by Piccoult. I finally finished the final Twilight book Sunday night.)

We stopped at Aldi's for a few groceries. Let me just tell you an easy way to make two young boys' day. Spring for the $1.29 box of CARS pasta. Our macaroni and cheese dinner tonight will be amazing, I can tell already. We then slapped some of our just-bought peanut butter on some bread we brought from home for a quick lunch on the go and headed to the Gardens.

We saw the butterflies again. I forgot my camera, so I took a couple of pretend pictures of them. The boys thought that was great and took pretend pictures off all the butterflies. It added a nice new little twist to the visit. Of course, with the weather being so nice, we had to hit their Children's Garden at least for a little bit.

We are now home and they are both down taking late naps. I made the Amazing Mac & Cheese, so it's all ready to pop in the oven. I also made cutout cookie dough, so it's ready to be made after dinner. One the brainstorming ideas from last night was to "make Daddy cookies". It's sounds very sweet of them and not at all self serving, I'm sure. Anyway, so we are going to make shamrock cookies with green icing.

To top it all off, we have friends coming over to take a walk with us, stay for dinner, & maybe even make cookies with us when nap times are over. The boys don't know about this part yet as it was plotted only moments ago while they slept. Sneaky mommies. I'm so looking forward to summer when we have more warmer weather and more free time for days like this.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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