Friday, June 19, 2009

My how he's grown...

...or just keeping up the pace. My son, my five year old who out-eats me almost every meal, went to the doctor today for his 5 year checkup. He got the big thumbs up.

He is 52.6 lbs and 4 ft tall. The average height and weight of a seven year old. A SEVEN YEAR OLD! He was the average height and weight of a five year old when he was three... so I guess he's consistent. BMI = 16, BP = 88/48, Hearing = Normal, Vision = 20/30 in both eyes.

I asked about the eyes and they said that it is still considered normal and almost every child they test with pictures (they didn't do a letter chart) comes up 20/30, so they actually think it just might be the chart itself. They don't even consider recommending a visit to an optometrist until it's 20/40.

I thought he was going to have to have 5 separate shots. That's what they told me last year and I thought I even confirmed it when I scheduled this appt. However, when I got there, we were told there were only 4 shots that he needed. Later in the appt., I asked what the shots were and found out that one was his second Chicken Pox booster. The poor kid actually got chicken pox in the winter of '07. I had called them, but there records weren't updated. That knocked another poke off the list.

Then they brought in two nurses, so that at least two of the shots would be simultaneous. I held his hands and his eyes got huge after the first round. He was able to hold back tears until the third shot was completed. However, he quickly recovered when they brought out a special toy box that they save for kids in just this situation. So he got to pick out a little toy (that everyone gets), plus a 'bigger' toy. I then treated him to a milkshake afterward... because I remember my mom treating me to milkshakes after my dr. appts.
We kept tonight low key. First of all, because it's raining and not much we can do outside. But mostly, because we didn't know how the shots were going to treat Andrew. In the past, Andrew has reacted to the slightest change in his system with a high fever. That's just how he rolls. I even went to the store this morning to buy some Children's Tylenol for him. But so far, so good. We grilled hotdogs tonight (where he out-ate me again) and watched W.A.L.L.E.
Now the boys are in bed and Marc and I are listening to an awesome storm roll through... just waiting for the big boom that sends those boys scurrying back downstairs. It's been a busy and stressful week. We also ended week 2 of Bible School today. Hopefully tomorrow is a nice laid back, do a whole lot of nothing day. Have a great weekend.

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