Monday, March 8, 2010

Book Review: The Secret

The Secret (Seasons of Grace, Book 1)
I must confess that I am tad angry with Beverly Lewis.  I just finished her book, The Secret (Seasons of Grace, Book 1).   I needed something to read and had nothing "lined up".  Randomly walking the library aisles I grabbed one of her books because "I've read one of her books before and it wasn't too shabby".

Now, I admit, I did note that it was a series book right off the bat and I hate reading series until the WHOLE series is finished.  But, the kids were left unattended on the kids side of the library, I needed to leave, and wasn't sure when I would be back.  (My library visits have dropped dramatically since I've been working).  So I grabbed it and headed out.

So back to why I'm slightly miffed at Ms. Lewis.  I realize that series books have hooks at the end.  I realize they want to leave you hanging making you want to run out and grab the next book. But I've also read enough series to know that each book is usually, at least somewhat, self-contained.  At least a few of the strings get wrapped up.

I felt like this book just stopped in the middle.  Like maybe the original book was twice as long and they randomly opened to the middle and said, "Yep... that's a good stopping point." It's a good thing the next book is out and hopefully my library hold comes in soon. 

Ms. Lewis... if you stumble on my little corner of the "interwebs", please know that I'm only upset because your writing is a wonderful gut thing and I didn't want my escape into the Amish world to end.


Amie said...

Actually, the second book in that series is out already and the third comes out next month, so not too much waiting for you.

Amie said...

Oops, I missed the part where you mentioned you have the second on hold already.

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