Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a day for a birthday!!

The day started out with cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then in rare twist of scheduling fate, I didn't have to work AND I wasn't babysitting. So I arranged with Andrew's teacher to have me come in for the day and help during Andrew's class. Plus the local civic theater was at school and preformed a little play. Plus he got to bring in a special treat to share with his class... true to form, he chose pumpkin muffins (puffin munkins) with chocolate chips.
We then went and picked up AJ and hit McD's with a Playland (can you call it that when it has video games instead of a crawling apparatus?) for a birthday lunch.

We then hit the Gardens to see the butterflies again.

What Gardens trip wouldn't be complete without this picture.

Andrew really enjoyed looking up the butterflies in his little guidebook and trying to match them with the ones he saw.

After coming home a having some quiet time, Andrew had a few friends over for a little birthday party. We made homemade Subway sandwiches for dinner, opened some presents, split a pinata, and ate birthday cake.

Great day to turn Six!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

What a cute cake! That is awesome!! Happy (way belated) birthday Andrew.

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