Saturday, March 6, 2010

Go to Sleep my Little Baby

Last night, I was telling the boys about the CD, 25 Lullabies Kids Love To Dream To, that someone gave us when Andrew was born. Forgive me, CD giver, if you are reading this... I forgot who gave it to us. But please know, it was well loved.
25 Lullabies Kids Love To Dream
As I've mentioned before, Andrew was not a good sleeper the first year of his life.  So, we rocked and sang and sang and rocked and rocked and sang to this CD over and over and over and... you get the point.

Eventually we put the CD up for while.  Yes, 25 songs is quite a bit of variety, but as you can imagine, after night after night, we needed a break from it.  But now, Andrew is almost 6 and somehow the CD came up.  I did a little digging and put it on for the boys to sleep to tonight. They really seemed to enjoy it.

And OH... did the memories flood back.  The rocking. The singing. The snuggling.  *sigh*

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