Saturday, March 19, 2011

Four stitches later, the scoreboard reads = Tree 1, Andrew 0

Andrew in Urgent CareYesterday,  I worked in the office, we were supposed to have company over that evening, and I forgot my cell phone.  So I get an IM at 5pm from Marc, just as I was wrapping things up at work, saying “Come home now, Andrew needs stitches”.

I immediately call home to verify and sure enough, Marc was heading to Urgent Care.  I told him I would meet him there.

Apparently, Andrew, AJ and their neighbor buddy were playing baseball in the front yard.  It was Andrew’s turn with the glove and he went running full speed to the “outfield”.  However, while he’s running, he is also talking to our neighbor and not seeing that he’s heading straight for our tree. 

So we get to Urgent Care again… the second time in a month.  (And I just realized I wrote a whole post about our visit a couple weeks ago and never published it…. hmmm… keep an eye out for it, it will be coming soon). 

We arrived and are waiting in the chilly lobby.  Because Andrew is only in shorts and a t-shirt and is holding ice against his head, he is noticeably shivering.  He’s given a couple warm blankets before being taken to triage for basics like temperature, oxygen levels, etc..  They clean and cover the gash for us, assure us that he does need stitches, they don’t think he has a concussion (something that didn’t even cross my mind) and shoo us back to the waiting room.  We’re told we’re ninth in line and to expect a wait.

At this point we obviously cancelled plans with our company and it’s dinner time. Andrew is actually acting fine, so Marc and AJ head out and grab us food and we had a family picnic, complete with Subway, POP! and cookies in the waiting room.Andrew's Four Stitches

Praise God for the iPhone and Angry Birds to keep boys occupied and distracted during long waits.

Once taken back to our room, the doctor checked the eye, administered topical anesthetic, and order x-rays since eye bones are more fragile than other bones (that’s my non-medical paraphrasing).   Thankfully, the x-rays came back fine…. and were super fun to look at!

The hardest part was the anesthetic shots, before the actual stitches, directly into the gash.  A.W.F.U.L!    I never wanted to make someone stop doing something so badly and I’m thankful Marc was holding/restraining Andrew’s hands and not me.    Anyway, once that was done, the stitches themselves were a breeze.  All four of them.

Today’s he doing just fine…. just getting plenty teased to watch were he’s going.  The eye keeps getting darker and I expect a full black eye tomorrow or Monday.  He gets the stitches removed in 4-5 days. 

Now only if he had a better story to go along with those stitches than “I ran into a tree”.

(I have a pre-stitches picture, but I’ll save you from that one…. the post-stitches is bad enough).

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