Thursday, March 24, 2011

How to Celebrate a 7 Year Old Birthday | Part II

Andrew's Birthday Party

We continued to celebrate Andrew’s birthday a few days later with a birthday party at the Courthouse Athletic Center.  He had it after school the following Friday.  And really think it was an ideal place for a bunch of 7 year old boys to party.

The boys showed up and just shot around for a while, while Marc and I met with parents, took down phone numbers, and chatted.

Some of the boys even formed teams and got a game going on their own.  After a while, Marc stepped in and had the kids Andrew & Palplay “Spider in the Web” and “Crazy Ball” relay races.  He also had an obstacle course set up for them, but they were more interested in just getting back to their game of basketball…. so we let them.  Easier for us.

Basketball Birthday CakeWe eventually coaxed them off the floor, enticing them with pizza and cake.

I think all the boys had a great time and Andrew LOVED having a birthday party.  I loved that it was a super easy and inexpensive way to entertain 11 boys.  And the bonus was that I now have a better feeling of who these boys are that my kid is playing with and knowing their parents just a little better, too.

   Basketball Party Basketball Party Basketball PartyBasketball Party  Basketball PartyBasketball Party

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