Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bop Bop Bop

We are settling in from our Thanksgiving trip. However, I am going on Day 2 of laryngitis. Even though I don't feel fabulous (mostly extra tired), I feel a lot better than I sound. I get barely above a whisper. I've been clapping to get the boys attention. However, since I don't have much energy, the boys have gotten to watch some Holiday TV today. They watched a Charlie Brown Christmas before dinner and now they are up past their bedtime watching Shrek the Halls. Marc had a meeting on the west side of the state until late, so it's just us tonight. I played hooky from our Young Adult Bible study, but I think Marc is going to try to make the last half hour.

Even if their mom has been a party pooper these last couple days, at least the boys are still burning some energy thanks to the Christmas present, the Bop Bag. In fact, the bag was such a hit, that it caused some unnessesary roughness between the boys. However, at Aldi's, they had a mini bop bag for $2.99. So now, they bop away. Actually their favorite game is to set them up next to each other and run through the middle.

1 comment:

Amie said...

I hate laryngitis, it is so annoying and especially when you have children!

Shrek the Halls was so funny! I had to look it up and see when it plays again (Dec 11).

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