Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tonight's Project

When we were gone for our Thanksgiving trip, we turned the heat to our house down way low. However, when we got back home at 2:00am Sunday morning, the freezing house was like a smack in the face.
AJ was fine. He was in nice warm jammies and transitioned from car to crib wrapped in a warm snuggly blanket perfectly. Andrew, however, woke up and and got to stay up a bit while we unloaded a few things, etc... He was freezing. And the thought of putting him in that cold bed was too much. Marc even offered to sleep on the couch (he wasn't going to be able to go right to sleep anyway after driving the whole time) and have Andrew sleep with me in our bed (it was just as cold, but at least we could snuggle). But, and this is a first, Andrew wanted to sleep in his own bed. Who doesn't after being gone for a while?
So, I warmed up my "heater buddy" (sewn together hand towel, stuffed with rice, that you warm in the microwave) and stuck it in bed with him. The boy is hooked. Every nap and bedtime, he wants my heater buddy. It's MY heater buddy. So, this week I hit the fabric shop and tonight I made both boys their own heater buddies. They even have soft, fleece, washable covers. Of course, they will not be receiving theirs until Christmas, so I will just have to sacrifice my heater buddy a little bit longer.

Andrew's is the Pistons print and AJ's has the puppy dogs.

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Amie said...

Oh, great idea!

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