Sunday, December 16, 2007

My mini skirt days are gone...

I am thirty. Does that mean it's time to start shopping the anti-aging aisle? It was a good birthday week. We had our young adult Christmas potluck on Wednesday. One of a meals was the amazing stir-fry and there was rice made with a rice maker. Marc was all over that and the joke of the night was that he was going to get me a rice maker for my birthday. (Forshadowing).

Thursday, as you know, I had a little surprise party which was a lot of fun. Friday was a crazy day. We hit the gym in the morning so the boys could play and run a bit. Then we hit the grocery store after that (I was really pushing lunch and naptime by now). By the times the boys got up from naps, it was time for our sitter to come over and we headed to a Christmas dinner with our original Bible Study small group from our old church. I really had a lot of fun.

Then Saturday was my actual birthday. We got up and I got to open a few gifts. And what was the first gift I opened?! Yep - a rice maker. My hubby, the jokster. He also got me a pair jeans and a black sweater that he bought on sale and both fit me perfectly. Dream man or what?! And I got a Bigby (Beaner's) gift card. I LOVE that place! We pretty much just hung out most the day. Marc canceled our cable (that's right, guys, no basketball, football, ESPN, local channels, nothing), so Marc and Andrew built a fort in the afternoon, while AJ napped (check out how we found AJ napping.)

That evening, our sitter came over once again (3rd time this week) and watched the boys and the Dresslers and us went out to dinner and coffee (I did have that gift card), before coming home to put the boys down and play some cards while eating birthday cake. Not a bad day if you ask me.

Today, despite the snow, we made it to church, took long afternoon naps, and had a nice leftover roast dinner. Marc is currently over at a buddy's house (just 'cause WE don't have TV doesn't mean he can't watch it somewhere else.) I made some Spritz cookies (without swearing) and some peanut butter fudge. I may not be in the full Christmas spirit, but the baking bug got me hard.

I'm off to clean up my mess in the kitchen (and sample the fudge) before heading to bed.

Added - I just went back and proofed my post and have to add that I am so blessed! It's been a great thirty years!

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