Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snow Play

Well, I am trying to think of something to write about since it's been a while, however, not much as been going on. In fact, we had Bible Study this morning and when I had to fetch the boys shoes from way in the back of the closet, it dawned on me, that we haven't even left the house in the about a week.

We've all been under the weather a bit, plus I watched Noah a couple days and it's always harder to go out with three kids, plus we were sharing a car, plus it's just been snowy/slippery out. Those combined meant, we just stayed home. We do have our Christmas tree up. It is a fairly naked Christmas tree with just lights and garland, but it is pretty anyway. In fact, we may just leave it that way this year... might just save some headaches with two, sometimes three, little boys running around.

The boys have been able to get outside a bit. You know how it goes... takes 20 minutes to dress them and 10 minutes to undress them and they stay outside for 15 minutes, total. But it was good 15 minutes. The fresh air was good for them and they were rewarded with some hot (lukewarm) chocolate.

Noah wouldn't leave his mittens on, but would get sad when his fingers got snowy.
Andrew could have stayed out all day if I let him.

Poor AJ was the boy from "Christmas Story", he was so bundled up, he could hardly move.

Oh! And big news!! Yesterday, for the first time, Andrew took a nap in his undies (his request) and stayed dry. He is totally potty trained except for when he is sleeping - so this is a big step. He is napping right now, so we'll see how it goes.

I totally feel like I am all over the board with these random thoughts. I should get back to work. I am finally tackling the job of going through all the boys clothes and weeding out what fits, what doesn't, what they don't wear, etc... Fun Fun.

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