Saturday, December 1, 2007

We've dealt with this before... but never with this kid.

Last night, Marc invited the guys from our Young Adult Bible study over for the evening. Nothing special was planned, just pizza and hanging out. I was planning on heading to some friend's house with the boys to spend the night. That way, the boys could run and we would be out of the guy's hair so they could watch movies, play video games, etc...

However, I am still not feeling super. Not terrible, but not fabulous. I have a little more voice (although it sounds like a male smoker's voice), but now I have this cough. Again, not terrible. It's worse at night - so I just wanted to sleep at home. Anyway, long story short, we stayed home. And I am so thankful we did.

The evening went well. Marc and the guys seemed to have a nice time. We put the boys downstairs with the CARS movie until bedtime and they went down without a hitch. I went to bed later than evening as the guys were putting in a movie. Around 12:30 am, AJ woke up crying. This is not completely unusual, sometimes he needs a quick snuggle and he goes back down fine. I got up with him to find out that he was sick. Sick-sick. Burning up and covered in puke. I call Marc and into the shower he goes. (AJ did NOT like this at all).

And well, that scenario, occurred four more times throughout the night. A lot of clothes changes (for AJ and me), a lot of sheets and towel laundry in the middle of night. I kept thinking that I was SO thankful that I was not at someone else's house without Marc.

Eventually, AJ did go back to sleep for the night… in our bed with me (poor Marc got the couch). We were out of clean crib sheets and really didn't want him sleeping alone either, since he seemed to choke every time he got sick. However, every time he moved or coughed, I was up ready to 'catch'. So it was a long night.

But we are up now and you would never know he was sick. He did sleep in this morning, and he's been running around, eating, drinking even provided us with a nice stinky diaper (which I didn't think was possible after last night). So, hopefully something just wasn't sitting well with him and he's fine now.

So, now that you know more about my child's night that you ever wished to know. Wish us a nice napful day and I wish you one as well.

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Amie said...

Sounds like the same bug we just had. Virulent but quick.

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