Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chubby Bunny

AJ has just started showing interest in playing hide and seek, which has sparked Andrew’s interest in it all over again. It's not unusual for me to go upstairs for a second, only to come down and find them hiding. However, they only have a couple hiding spots and they usually fail to get themselves completely hidden in these spots to begin with. So, I am usually pretending to look for them with the standard, "Where did AJ go?" and "Andrew, where are you?" as I 'search' for them. It only takes a second or so before one of them pops out and yells, "Boo!”

Yesterday, we were playing this game. I had gone upstairs for something and when I came down, I see two little heads crouched down behind the boy's 'big boy chair' (the mini lazy boy). I start the searching charade, waiting for them to pop out.

They did not pop out.

I pretend to search a little more and finally start looking closer to them thinking that I may actually 'find' them before they 'scare' me. Finally, AJ sticks his little face around the side and I see his mouth is white. They had found the mini marshmallows in the pantry and were shoving them in their mouths as fast as they could before I caught them.

Marc was still home and saw it, too. We just started laughing. I couldn't get mad at them and could barely get out a reprimand. I took the remaining marshmallows and put them away and let them finish what was shoved in their mouths. Sneaky little snots.

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