Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy Holidays

Ok - I knew this was going to happen, so here is goes - a quick "what's been happening with us" update. And it is truly a update, more for my sake than anything, so don't feel obligated to read this one if you are busy. The last I really posted we had Christmas here with my parents which was wonderful. So here goes.

That next Thursday, we had a casual dinner party here. Four families and pizza. Although in our house, eight adults and eight kids makes for tight quarters. But it was nice.

That Friday, Ryan and kids came over here to play and I went over to Ryan's house for a girl's night out with his wife. The roads got bad, so I ended up crashing at their place and Ryan and the kids stayed at our place.

The weekend was church, naps, and us just recouping a bit from the holiday, and making promises to ourselves on how we will take the Christmas decor down... tomorrow. We might have done more, but I can't remember it now.

New Year's Eve and it was a busy one for me. I was leaving for OH the next day, so I needed to pack up (all day project), I had to go grocery shopping and also make some food items for that night and the next day, too. I also had to get us all ready for the evening. We went to the Sischo's for a little New Year's Celebration. Chinese take-out and a few games. We put the kids down and just hung out until the ball dropped. Since the kids were out and we were already packed up to head out of town the next morning, it was easier for us to just crash there that night.

On New Year's Day, I drove the kids down to the OH/MI border to my Aunt's where we were having a family Christmas. The roads were HORRIBLE! I felt like I was squeezing fingerprints into the steering wheel. (Marc did not come... he had to work the next day and it would have been too much to drive down and back in one day). Anyway, we made it safe and sound and Christmas was really nice. Andrew's cousin that he LOVES was there and I got to see family I don't see often. Even AJ did seemed the enjoy himself. We spent the night, hung out the next morning, visited my cousin and new baby (who is a little sweet-pea), ate lunch and headed back to MI during nap time.

I had Noah that Thursday and on Friday I was treated to another girl's night out. Qdoba for dinner and the movie August Rush. It was a surprisingly pretty good movie. Definitely a chick flick. Yesterday was our typical day for church and naps. And I think that brings us up to speed.

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