Monday, January 7, 2008

Midnight Stall

Here's a funny little side story that probably won't translate well:

When I was driving the boys down to Ohio on New Year's Day, we stopped at Wendy's midway for some lunch and to take a break from the white knuckle driving. Our first order of business was hitting the restroom, so I have AJ in my sling and Andrew is with me. We walk in and go to the largest handicap stall at the end so we can all fit and Andrew starts "going".

All of a sudden the lights go out. I mean out-out. Not one shred of light is coming in and I can't see my hand in front of my face. I start talking calming and reassuring the boys that everything is ok, while I try to make my way out of the stall and back to where I think the door might be to see if we can get some light from the hall(while wearing AJ and trying to protect his head from me bumping it into something) . I have NO luck! I can't find the door at all. I am still talking super calm to the boys because I can sense the boys are not enjoying the pitch black. I finally find where I think the door is and can't find the door knob.

At this point, it's only been dark for about 2 minutes although it felt like 15. Andrew is still in the stall (I'm sure a mess was made since he was 'midstream' when we lost the lights) and I am somewhere over by what I think is the door. I decide to head back to Andrew and try to find my purse hanging on the door. Inside I have a book light (wish I would have thought of it sooner). So I am feeling my way back, I find my purse and I'm blinding digging though it when the lights come back on.

What in the world?! So, we pull ourselved together, clean up and head out. I am originally thinking that Wendy's must have lost power, but when we come out, everything is business as usual and there is no sign what-so-ever that the power was off. So my guess is that they have those sensors that turn the lights off and on to save energy and it was malfunctioning. It's funny now... much funnier than it sounds written, but you get the idea.


Jill Corwin said...

I am laughing sooo hard :D

Jennokids said...

funny story! I have updated my blog, and I have a new one!
hope you are doing well!

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