Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cookies, and Camo and Cuddling

The cookies I made with my new cookie cutters. They were uglier than I hoped, but not because of the cookie cutters, but because of my icing colors.

Boys in their new camo clothes and slippers.

Andrew had the privilege of napping in our bed today. He couldn't find his "B", so guess what I found him with. My Miss Piggy. I have had her since I was 4-ish. She has gone everywhere with me... Europe, gymnastic meets, college, etc... and found herself in my little man's arms.


Amie said...

They look so cute in camo :)

How cute about Miss Piggy. I had several stuffed animals that I had since I was little but our dog has chewed up most of them. I have my "blanky" stashed away safely though.

Anonymous said...

Grandma loves the cameo pix, a special heart moment for Andrew and Miss Piggy

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