Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Don't rain on our BBQ!

Wow - it's been awhile since I've done a 'what are we up to' post. And without boring you with all the day to day activities... it's been a lot as you can tell from my lack of posting.

A few of the highlights are our two weekly Bible Studies with tonight being our last Wednesday night study for the summer. We are having a BBQ/potluck tonight, so I'm busy today getting the house ready and getting the grocery shopping done for that. By the way - we got soaked grocery shopping. It started pouring while we were in the store. The boys didn't like getting that wet as we ran to the car, but they thought it was hilarious that their mom got soaked since I had to put the groceries in the car, put the cart away, and buckled up two boys.

We are also having some plumbing work done today. I am praying everything gets fixed relatively inexpensively.

We've also had a few trips to the Garden's the past couple weeks that I haven't mentioned... and while I have some pictures, I'll spare you because, well, they look like all the other Garden pictures I've shown you already. But I will mention again... that I love the Gardens!! When we went Tuesday, it was just the boys and myself and God blessed us with amazing weather!

We also made a somewhat impromptu trip to Ohio last weekend. My past roommates and families were getting together on the other side of the state, so we hopped around visiting them and family.

Monday we were invited to a little dinner party with amazing food. Last night, Marc and Ryan took Andrew and CJ fishing, so Becky and myself with the little kids walked down to get ice cream. Tomorrow is Andrew's pee-wee basketball.

I am unbeleivably thankful that I am not working out of the home at this stage in my life... that I am able to do all of these fun things that makes our life so crazy. I love warm weather!

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