Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Road Rash.

Tonight Andrew had his first crash and burn on his bike and it was a doozy. He managed to get both knees, one arm and his chest (through his shirt) scraped up. He even somehow ripped his bike seat a bit. He was wearing a helmet.

Unfortunatly, we were on our way home from the ice cream stand and we still had a little trek left to go. After I got him calmed down, he initially decided to ride again. But once he saw all the blood running down his leg, he decided he couldn't continue. So... he sat on top of the stroller and the bike's front tire went into the stroller basket and I managed to push both boys, a stroller, and a bike the rest of the way home.

Once we got home, he wouldn't let me clean up the actual scrape. And it really, really needed it as it was dirty and rocky as well as bloody. (The picture was taken after I cleaned up around the scrape as much as he would let me.) So, after much negotiation and bribing, I got him in the tub with AJ. He normally loves tubs, but I had to offer bubbles, tub crayons, AND dissolving capsules that turn into dinosaurs to get him in. And, of course, he got bandaids when it was all said and done. Now he and AJ are chilling a bit with Sesame Street before bed.


Nathan and Sarah said...

Awww, Ouch.

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness. That IS a doozy! Ouchie.

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