Thursday, February 18, 2010

God is Good

God is good.
He is.
We know it deep within us.
We believe it with all our hearts.

But sometimes… we’re just not feelin’ it, y’know.

We also know that being a believer is more than just feelings, so in those times, even when it’s very hard to do so, we proclaim, “God is Good.”

Lately… with our current circumstances, it seems like God allows us to “see” his presence right when our spirits are at a low. That was Tuesday. I paid bills that day. Which stinks for anyone under normal circumstances, but as we are approaching the end of the month … my mood was less than stellar?

Then Marc got some very disappointing news. Between the two of us, I confessed we slipped into a “Woe is Me” state of mind. We let the laptop babysit the boys and we just moped for a while. Despite that, eventually, together we lifted our troubles in prayer and proclaimed that God is Good.

Shortly after that a miracle happened. Our spirits did a 180 degree turn. I’m not kidding and I can’t explain it since circumstantially nothing changed. We ended up having a great evening. The bills were still due, the news was still the same, neither of us said or did anything spectacular. We didn’t resolve to “put on a smiling face”. We were truly joyful. Even two days later, Marc and I are still a little shocked and talking about what a good day it was.

Then yesterday, I opened the mail, and there, completely unexpected was a large escrow overage check sent from our mortgage company. Just in time for the end of the month. God is Good.


Jill Corwin said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing.

Kristin said...

Aww. You made me cry! That's awesome. :)a

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