Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love me some Gardens

Wanna know a secret? Butterfly season as the Gardens doesn't start until March 1. But we went last week and guess what we found... without all the crowds.

I let each boy take turns with the camera. Andrew took the picture below.

And AJ took this picture below... but truthfully, most of his pictures were of his shoes. He just didn't grasp holding the camera still for a second after pressing the button.

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Rebecca H. said...

how long does this last? the boys don't have school the 12th or the 19th... we can't make it up on the 12th but the 19th might work... though i might plan a day trip. you guys would be welcome to meet us up there if you want (if it's still going on, that is).

thanks for the bday wishes on facebook btw. :) miss ya!

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