Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day.

This year, Andrew had very cool holographic-type Valentine's day cards to pass out to his class. The upside... they were awesome and I got them for pennies buying them last year after Valentine's day.

The downside is they are plastic cards instead of paper ones. (The environment comes second to kindergarten class parties apparently).

Now I know how Andrew works. Knowing that he would have to 'sign' about 25 of these cards, we started working on them the weekend before his Thursday party. Getting a handful done each day would be much easier than the daunting task of writing his name 25 times the night before the party. (Plus that particular Wednesday was already a busy one for us.)

So I have him sit down to write them out and the frustration begins. First pencil, then pen, then marker... all the ink either wouldn't show up or would smear on the plastic cards. No fun. So I came up with the idea to make name labels and let him stick them on rather than sign them.

This, however, felt like cheating for some reason... like me doing his science project for him (Hi Shawna!). Plus, how personal is a name in Times New Roman?
So before I made the labels, I scanned his "signature" and used that for a somewhat more personal touch. May not have been a great way for him to practice his writing, but he thought it was cool to have his writing on 'stickers'. And I didn't hear any complaints about him not having to print his name over and over, either.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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