Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Report: Angels and Demons

Angels & DemonsDuring my long l.o.n.g. drive to and from Iowa, I made the sure the boys were properly outfitted with their headphones and Loony Tunes before popping in my recently borrowing book on CD, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown.  It's funny since the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown is what I listened to last year during the same drive.

I don't think I liked it much as Davinci Code and there were some parts that were just a little too much. I'll also admit that the very ending, like the last few paragraphs, were as cheesy and corny as ever and almost seemed like they were written by someone else entirely.  However, overall I enjoyed this book and was fascinated by all the works of art referenced and the history behind them. 

I would love some feedback: I am now interested in watching the movie, but considering how graphic and gruesome some of the story is, I'm not sure I can handle watching it "on film" unless they handle it well.... ie: not show too much gore.   Have you seen this movie?  What do you think?

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