Thursday, April 1, 2010

An "It's Almost My Birthday" Party

I will be taking the boys to IA over Spring Break to visit Grandma and Grandpa Dykstra.  Marc, however, will not be coming along because he will be too busy working.  Yes, praise God... the man has a job! 

Next Tuesday is AJ's Fourth birthday and since we will be in Iowa, we had his birthday party tonight.  Just a small little something with a few friends, but I think he enjoyed it. 

We started the day with chocolate chip pancakes and he got to watch "Cars" this morning.  Then because of the gorgeous weather (I think I heard we had a record high), he spent the rest of the day playing outside with his buddy, Noah.

For his party in the evening some other friends came over, along with the kiddos I babysit, for pizza.... AJ's all time favorite food.  Seriously, the kids asks for pizza for every meal.  Then came the piniata.

AJ then got to open gifts.  I know the picture below is blurry, but can you see AJ's face?  He totally freaked out when we opened this little spiderman toy he had wanted.  It was hilarious.   He also got a scooter like Andrew just got for his birthday... except AJ's is blue.  So now they can scoot around together (plus... the scooters fold up and are much more portable for traveling than bikes.)

Finally, we ended the party with an Airplane Cake... complete with Grandma Dykstra's Icing Recipe.  (I was told I gypped my oldest last month by frosting his cake with storebought icing.)  I admit.... this was SO much better.  Below is AJ blowing out his 4 candles with the help of his buddy.

What a good day for a birthday party.  And the best part... he gets to put on the birthday shirt again and celebrate all over again in Iowa on his real birthday next Tuesday.

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Tyelene Shilton said...

Did you make that cake? How was your drive to Iowa?

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