Friday, April 16, 2010

Season Premier: Snow Cone Maker

It's finally warm enough to break out the snow cone maker.  This little contraption by Pampered Chef has been so worth the money. 

It's funny.  My mom bought me this snow cone maker years and years ago... like when I was in high school, I think.  And it sat around forever, never getting used.  I even considered selling it on eBay at one time or another.

However, last year, we rediscovered it and snow cones became our daily, yes daily, afternoon treat.  The boys were so excited when I told them we would pull out the snow cone maker.  I even stayed up late the night before making the syrups.

I take cleaned out 8oz Wishbone salad dressing containers.  They are the perfect size and have a squeeze top that is just right.  Then for each flavor, I boil 1 cup of sugar and 6T of water until clear.  Add 1/2 packet (1/2 tsp) Kool-Aid.  

It's a perfect, and cheap, way to spoil the kiddos on a hot afternoon.

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