Thursday, April 29, 2010


This post is SO long overdue: I'm sorry, AJ!

Can you believe my little man turned FOUR this month? My baby... my puffin-munkin... my cubbie... is four! I can hardly wrap my head around how fast the last four years have gone, but then again, and it's really hard to imagine the time when we wasn't a part of our lives. He's that perfect little puzzle piece. One of four four perfect puzzle pieces in this here family.

AJ, I think you are starting to grow out of it a bit, but overall, you are still my little homebody... happiest at home in jammies. If you have a day at home, playing with Noah during the day and with Andrew outside in evening, you are a happy little man.

Want another way to make a little AJ man happy?? Give you pizza. Seriously, you ask for pizza for e.v.e.r.y meal. We already have pizza once a week for sure and occasionally twice, if we pick a cheap one for lunch or something. But every meal, you ask... and then your follow-up question is (not kidding), "When's Friday"? Friday is our pizza night.

Your other favorite foods are the stand-bys: peanut butter, cashews and dried cranberries (you love them together), and Raspberry Yogurt.

At four, you are, thankfully, still very much a snuggler. Way more than your brother ever was. Early in the morning, before bed, after naps.... really anytime is good for you. We still have to kick you out of our bed nightly because you sneak in.

In just the past two weeks you have learned to make the "L" sound!!! We were starting to get just slightly concerned and then, almost on your fourth birthday to the day... the L's started coming. You still have a few other sounds that need work, but we are very excited to be hearing "Dandelion" instead of "Dandewion" (even though the latter is so terribly adorable still).
And I'm so thankful at how well you play with your brother, Andrew. I know there are time when you bicker and fight; but most of the time, you two get along beautifully. I pray you continue your great friendship your entire lives.

You are learning 4 year old humor and it's cracking us up. You pick up on what makes mom or dad laugh and then repeating it over and over.
AJ, we are so thankful for you and what you bring to our family. You are a true joy and you surprise us each day with how much you are learning so quickly. We love you, kiddo!

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