Monday, August 23, 2010

Binder Park zoo: Feeding the Giraffes

DSCN0625This is Part II of our trip to Binder Park Zoo.  It’s coming a bit late, I know.  But we had a great time feeding the Giraffes. It really is the highlight of this zoo and that’s saying a lot since the whole zoo is pretty cool.

That last time we visited, they had special crackers to feed them. This time it was just leaves from romaine hearts.   But it was like candy to the giraffes. 

There was even a baby giraffe trying to vie for his share.  You wanted to drop a few pieces on purpose for the little (comparatively speaking) guy.

DSCN0618DSCN0617  DSCN0620DSCN0621

One thing we could not get over was just how long these guys tongues were.  I know it sounds mean, but we would hold the lettuce (only once or twice) just out reach just to see how far they would stick out their tongue to get it.  Cool and gross at the same time.

AJ Feeding GiraffeDSCN0628

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