Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Binder Park Zoo: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Last month, the boys and I had planned on meeting some of my family at the Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek.  We had it planned for a while, however the morning came and it was a dark and dreary day.  We called each other to feel out the how we felt about the weather and decided to pack an extra pair of clothes and go for it. 

We both ended up driving there in the pouring rain and decided to ride it out at a mall nearby.  Just when we thought we would have to call it a matinee day instead of the zoo day, the weather seemed to change it’s course.  We chose to give it a go.

Binder Park Zoo 8I’m so glad it we did. It ended up turning into a beautiful day!  In fact, it got so nice and hot that we were intentionally trying to get wet in the mist sprayers.

We saw went to “Africa” and saw the wildlife there. We pet animals and fed giraffes. We rode the carousal and watched an animal show. We saw the largest turtle that I could have ever imagined. 


And we saw snakes… including a real wild one along our walk… not a zoo ‘animal’, but one along our path.  yea.  I prefer them behind glass, please.   (The albino Snake is behind glass… see his HUGE mouth open? The other snake was just out along the boardwalk path. Ugh.)

Binder Park Zoo 7

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