Monday, August 2, 2010

Book Report: The Telling (Seasons of Grace Series Bk 3) by Beverly Lewis

The Telling by Beverly Lewis

I recently finished the final Season of Grace series book, The Telling, by Beverly Lewis.  This was a great series. 

However, I was a little frustrated at first because I felt that each book just cut off and left me hanging.  I realized that series books tend to do that as they want you to want to read the next book.  Yet within each book there is usually somewhat of a beginning and ending.  I felt as if Mrs. Lewis wrote one long (granted great) story, but then just cut off each book 1/3 of the way through. 

Also the story was very obvious from the beginning.  You KNOW how it’s going to end.  Even though I truly enjoyed the books, part of what kept me reading was to see if she really truly ended the story how I expected it.  And she did… but in a very satisfying way.  I even had to sneak up to my room while the boys watched a show just to read the last few chapters…. and found myself tearing up reading what I already knew I would read. 

I will be reading more Beverly Lewis in the future, jah.

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