Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Book Report: Mothers Are People, Too.

Not too long ago, my Aunt lent me the book, “Mothers Are People, Too”, by Linda Howard.   The book was a quick read since it was a compilation of stories about mothering.  And most of the stories were Biblically based. 

In one sense it was really good and really eye opening to some things I want to change in how I mother my boys.  It helped me focus my prayers a bit on ways I can be a better example of Jesus to my children. 

The downside is that it was written in 1976, so there are few things that made me tense up a bit when I read them.  Now, during those moments, I knew what the story-tellers were trying to say and the message they were trying to portray, but the way it was put shone a light on the generational gap present.

It was a nice quick read that was easy to pick up when I had a chance and gave me some good things to think about.

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