Saturday, November 3, 2012

Blog Update

So... a little blog history....

Fall 2004 - I started this little blog, mostly to share pictures and our days with grandmas and grandpas in other states and to be a alternative to time consuming and space consuming scrapbooking.  Blog created on Blogger, the free blogging platform.

Six wonderful years of blogging and family history and photos get beautifully documented.

Spring 2010 - after working for a year where blogging was in my job description, attending a few blogging meet-ups, and doing my own research, I took the plunge, bought my own domain name and moved my blog to a Wordpress site.  Loved the new platform.

Spring 2012 - while I loved my domain name and my Wordpress site, life got busy and I wasn't blogging as much as I used to.  I have no intention of quitting, but struggled to justify paying for something not being used as much.  Granted the cost wasn't great, but felt for what I needed, a free service would be adequate.  Move site back to free Blogger platform.

Shortly later - realized I lost all photos during my time with Wordpress when I moved blog back over the Blogger... along with other nice features.  Plus, in order to at least keep my domain name, I was still paying, not much  but more than I expected.  Mostly, I was very dishearten about losing 2 years of photos.

So dishearten  I practically gave up blogging since I felt my blog was "all messed up" anyway. I very much had a "why bother" attitude, even though I did miss it.  I knew there was a slim chance to fix it, but I knew it would be a long shot, a LOT of work and a LOT of phone calls to hosting IT depts.  It was something I just didn't want to do and so I put it off.  The more I put it off, the bigger of a job it seemed so the more I wanted to put it off.

The cycle grew bigger and bigger until I didn't want to add any more content to my blog even though I have great family content from many years before.  Warped logic, I know, but still how I felt every time I thought about putting a post together.

Current 2012 - So, this morning I receive an email from my previous hosting company telling me my account was about to expire.  Since my account has been expired since spring, I was confused and actually took the time to call them.  Turns out the email was sent in error, but since I had them on the phone I talked to their IT dept and started the process to repair my blog.  I spent a LOT of time on it today and it could take a lot more time, but I think it's do-able.

I am still not sure how the repair will work itself out.  I may stay on Blogger and manually repair each and every post that's was missing photos.  It would suck, but at least it's a possibility now (wasn't even an option before today).  Or I may go back to Wordpress, a better platform in my mind, especially if they can fix all my photos at once. Again...more calls to IT dept.

All that to stay - stay tuned.  I will keep you posted and I do plan to posted more anyway, but that's the long story of why the blog has been neglected to severely lately.

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