Monday, November 5, 2012

Where I joined the ranks of Soccer Mom.

We just finished up fall soccer around here. It was the boys first year playing organized soccer and they really loved it. Especially Andrew... that boys eats, breathes and sleeps soccer, playing it every recess and every other chance he gets.  AJ had a great time just being out there with his buddy and getting his energy out.

The improvement we saw in the boys between the first week and the final week was huge!  We started the season a little hestistant about the program but in the end signed back up for the Spring 2013 season.

Marc coached AJ's team this year, the Silver Sharks.  Andrew played for the Blue Lightning.  All through the AYSO program.At one point during a cold rainy game day, not enough player showed up, so AJ got to play goalie for Andrew's team.  I'm pretty sure it was the highlight of his season.
Since either myself or Andrew was the "assistant coach", we were eligible for one free family photos.  Since we don't really do family pictures, this one actually is pretty good.

By the way - this soccer season led us to invest in 2 large golf umbrellas that have proved to be an extremely wise purchase.

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