Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chill Out!

Andrew has been reading the Michigan author Johnathan Rand for a couple of years now.  He writes the American Chillers, the Michigan Chillers, and the Freddie Fernortner and the Fearless First Graders series.  They like to tout themselves as scary books, but every time I start to question them (mostly based on the cover art - which I do NOT love), the read one and realize they are mostly just suspenseful and age appropriate.

In fact, when we went on vacation last year, we detoured on the way so we could stop at Chillermania, the author's headquarters.  They boys picked up a few books and Andrew got a t-shirt.

So, when I found out merely coincidently, the Johnathan Rand was coming to Grand Rapids the next day, I was thankful our schedules worked out so I could take the boys to hear him speak and meet him.

He came to a local library, so I picked the boys up from school, we grabbed a bite to eat and then just went to the library early to work on homework until it was time to start.  I was thankful we were there early, there was a much better turnout than I anticipated.  They had a little book store set up, so mom caved and bought them each another book, plus they brought a few of their own for autographs.

I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed his presentation.  It was obviously geared toward the kids, but had enough thrown in for the parents to keep it really interesting.  They boys were glued and he encouraged them to write and revise and write and revise.

After the presentation he held a book signing where he signed the boys books, signed Andrew's Chillermania t-shirt and allowed photos to be taken.  In fact, AJ took his words to heart, came home that night and wrote his very own adorable super scary story that very night.  I need to scan and post it... it's awesome.  Thanks Mr. Rand for the visit!

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