Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pinterest Project Spectacular

We are blessed with a large garden tub in our bathroom.  One that we hardly take advantage of because our hot water heater runs out before the tub is filled.  However, that being said, we love it and feel confined whenever we travel and have to use a standard size shower.  Spoiled, I know.

Now our shower is all white tile and over the last several year, the grout has gotten mildew-y.  Really mildew-y.   Like black grout.  It was gross and made our shower look disgusting.  I had tried everything to clean it.  Bleach, baking soda, vinegar, tile cleaner, all purpose cleaner, bleach pens, etc.... all with no luck.

This photo is just a small snippet and as much as I don't want to admit it, wasn't even that bad of a segment compared to the rest of the shower.  Sad, I know.

Again, a larger segment of nasty, yet not the worst of it.

Then, I came across this post on Pinterest that recommended using cotton beauty coils.

I used masking tape to tape the cotton stings along the grout.  Then using a spray bottle and eventually a face maska and glove (didn't use the last two the first go around and regetted it).

I sprayed down the the coils with straight bleach until they were saturated and push them right up against the grout.  Then waited.  Because I had tried so many other things, I didn't have high expectations.  However, a few hours later, I removed the cotton and to my amazements, the grout was white.  Amazingly white-white!

It looks like a whole new shower!  Thank you Pinterest for saving my tub.

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