Thursday, May 4, 2006


This morning on the way to daycare, Andrew was in the back seat playing pe-TA-boo (peek-a-boo) with AJ. It was too cute.

After dropping him off, I hit Joann Fabrics for a quick stop. I wanted to pick up an inexpensive piece (plus 40% off coupon) of material to make a wrap. This would be an additional way to carry AJ. Check out this site…it is cool. I am currently using my new material to carry AJ in the front cross-position. He is totally asleep, it is completely secure with no knots and I am totally hands-free typing this. And all of this with just one long piece of unfinished cloth 5 yards by 24 inches long (although I do need hem it before it unravels on me). Carrying AJ like this, I kind of feel like I should be on National Geographic fetching water into my clay pots to carry on my head…except I am wearing a shirt.

This is kind of what it looks like except, my cloth is a nice neutral khaki, and my baby is cuter.

I also have my sling. Which I love as well and have already used it enough to make the cost worth it. But for $4, I now have another option and this wrap is so versatile. There are tons of different ways to carry AJ as you probably saw if you checked out the site.

Well, I wish I had my camera, I would show you how I have him all bundled up against me and how adorable he is snoozing right now…but alas, I do not. Ok, since I do have my hands free, I should go do something more productive than blogging… like laundry. AJ is wearing his last clean sleeper. (And it’s even not that clean…ssshhhh).

Kelly, if you are reading this, I am thinking of you and your babies! This whole baby-carrying thing might totally being something for you. Talk to you soon!

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