Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It looks like Christmas came through.

We are home again after a wonderful Christmas. I hope yours was as well. We had Christmas morning here with just the four of us. It was SO fun! With the boys another year older, they were just that much more into it and excited. What a blast!
Our original plan was to stay home through lunch and take off for Ohio at naptime. However, we ate cinnamon rolls for brunch, so once we finished the gifts, we decided to just take off. What we didn't plan for was that we would get hungry around 2 in the afternoon and there would be nothing open on the road. We should have expected it, but it was a lapse on our part. Mmmm... gas station food on Christmas day. What a treat.
We had a great time in Ohio and had several Christmas' with different sides of the family. I a few pictures to post, but I really didn't take many. We got spoiled and we are very appreciative for all our gifts.
We were home by Sunday afternoon and I'm thankful as this week jumped right into busy-ness. Of course there was the mountain of bags, gifts, laundry, etc.. that we brought back from Ohio... add that to the Christmas mess decor already in the house, and I feel like a tornado came through. I watched the my "other" boys both Monday & Tuesday which just makes for not-too-productive days and Marc and I finished our annual 24-a-thon (Season five), which means late nights.

Today is more of a down day. We desperately need to sort toys. We rotate the boys toys, but we didn't get to "pulling" the current toys before the new Christmas toys came.... so toys are taking over. I also need to do a little grocery shopping, write thank-yous, and just get this home into decent shape. We also got snow last night and the boys got sleds for Christmas... so sledding might be on our to-do list also today.

Have a great & safe New Years Eve!

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Kelli said...

I LOVE the Happy Birthday Jesus cake! I will adopt that one day when I have children!

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