Sunday, December 7, 2008

Keep the candle burning...

I just finished frying up some sausage for our egg strata dinner tonight. While doing that, I nuked a cup of apple cider vinegar (I have that in abundance vs. regular vinegar, of which I am almost out) so I could clean the inside of my microwave.

Let me tell you.... the combination of those two items has made our house reek! Andrew was literally in tears holding his nose when I made him eat his lunch. I admit... it's really bad.
Just when I think it's gone, I'll venture upstairs for something and when I come back down.... WHAMMO! The smell smacks me in the face again. I have a candle burning, but I'm not sure it's just not adding to the aroma.

So, I am passing on wisdom from experience.... never fry sausage while apple cider vinegar is in the microwave!

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