Friday, December 19, 2008

A Perfect Gift

Grandma & Grandpa Dykstra bought Andrew a ready-to-decorate gingerbread house for Christmas. Little did they probably know just how perfect of a gift it really was. He is totally into 'projects' and is always asking if he can work on a 'project' (meaning something crafty).

Maybe even his four year old mind thinks that "project" is a more man-ly word than "craft".

Anyway, yesterday ended up being an ideal day for his project. I put AJ down for a nap and while I worked in the kitchen on my own "projects" (lots and lots of pans of cinnamon rolls), Andrew decorated his house. I did help him a bit with the icing on the roof and door, but other than that.... he did it all himself.

I think he did a lovely fantastic job.

.....Now if we can keep AJ's little paws from picking off and eating all the candy.


Tyelene Shilton said...

looks like fun! the last few years i have wanted to go out and buy one of these for myself, so i could decorate it! hehe Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Andrew. It looks fantastic!!!

faroutmom said...

The house looks fantastic.

Are you making PW's cinnamon rolls? Or do you have another recipe? If so, do share!!

Kelli said...

Faroutmom, I did see PW's recipe for cinnamon rolls and they look fantastic! But I use the one for Clone of Cinnabon. Oh sooo good. We had to bake one of the pans last night... to test of course.

Jill Corwin said...

I love the way he made it look JUST like the picture on the box. My girls made one and did their own design. It is funny how boys/girls minds work :)

Merry CHRISTmas!

Kelli said...


Yes, in fact, he was pretty set on making it look just like the box. :) Too funny. Maybe I should have hid the box and see what he would have come up with.

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