Thursday, December 18, 2008

The People Have Spoken...

The poll to the right has closed. The results are in. The new layout stays (thank you), but new slideshow pictures are needed. I will work on that. Hopefully change will be coming soon.

As far as the title banner.... I would really like to revamp that as well (as much as I really love it, it needs updating). However, ever since we moved (or were forced) to Vista, my PhotoShop Elements Three no longer works properly. So even doing very basic tasks like cropping is a huge pain and nearly impossible.... let alone actually designing something that I like and am willing to use.

So until I figure out another solution (anyone got any brilliant ideas?) or break down and buy something that works with Vista (not anytime soon)... the boys and butterflies will stay.
Side note: the slideshow of Andrew from yesterday's post is now working

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