Friday, July 9, 2010

Our two weeks of VBS (or how mommy stayed sane)

The two full weeks after school was out, we jumped on board for some of the local vacation Bible schools near us.  We hit the same ones he hit last year since:

A) they are practically across the street and
B) we were impressed the first time and
C) Mama was loving a little quiet, or at least quieter, time at home, but most importantly
D) the boys were getting some great Bible knowledge that they were able to get really pumped up about. 

Maybe C is the most important… no I’ll stick with D.

High Seas Expedition

The first week’s VBS, High Seas Expedition, was a morning one and it was a real production.  Man, did they have their act together. Amazing songs (we are still singing along with the free CD of VBS songs they gave us), cool crafts, great snacks and here’s the kicker…. organization…. with like 300 kids.  Really… as a mom, that’s what really stood out to me both this year and last. 

The second week’s VBS was an afternoon one… and a long one at that.  It went from 1-5:30 pm.  Yea, I had to re-read it a few times, too. Why in the world would anyone volunteer to keep my children that long each day for a week?  But again, we went to this one last year (it’s wasn’t those hours last year) and liked the program so we thought we’d give it a shot. 

Plus, we were leaving for vacation the following week and you know how the week before vacation is pure madness.  Well, the idea of the kiddos being ‘occupied’ that long in the afternoons was appealing. And it ended up being a nice program.  More laid back and a little less structured, but the boys seemed to have a great time. They focused on missions and taught about different counties. They ate country specific food, learning songs in the native language, etc…

Thank you o’ ye great VBS workers! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!  Now… for the rest of the summer.  And the ongoing search for ways to save sanity.

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