Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday - Air Zoo!

US Air ForceLast week, we found ourselves with a fairly free day.  Since the boys have been asking at least weekly to go back to the AirZoo… we packed up a lunch and headed down there.  I must say, I really like the AirZoo.  Not like I love the Gardens… I don’t need to go every week.  But I do like to go each summer. 

And the past two summers, the admission has been FREE! However, if you are interested in riding rides, you can purchase a bracelet for unlimited riding during your visit. Last summer, they only had one bracelet option.  It was about $15 and covered all rides.  Since my boys were only big enough for a few rides, we opted out of that.  We ended up buying a few individual tickets and making them “spend” them wisely.

This year, however, the AirZoo has been more accommodating toward us with younger (or more timid) children who don’t want or need to ride all the “big rides”.  They have three bracelet levels (or colors).  I was able to purchase a red bracelet for each boy for only $7. That got them unlimited riding on all the rides they would really care about or be tall enough for anyway.

Plus, just being so up close to the planes is fascinating.  Many of you may not know this but throughout Jr. High and High School, my heart was set on becoming a pilot.  I fully believe God planted that desire in me to bring me to Cornerstone. Without that I probably wouldn’t be in Grand Rapids and wouldn’t be Mrs. Dykstra.

Anyway, back to the AirZoo. If you get an opportunity, check it out.  There are two part of the “zoo” to visit, so make sure you don’t miss the back building.  It’s just as cool as the front building…. not really… it’s hotter... but you know what I mean.  They also have a nice picnic pavilion between the buildings along a walking path.  So, with us packing our lunch, the two bracelets, and a few individual tickets for Mom… we were able to have a great day trip for less than $20*.


AirZoo DSCN0450    AirZoo DSCN0477 AirZoo DSCN0478

*This doesn’t count gas money, but if you stop at the Plainwell Admiral you can fill up on the way home for cheaper than anywhere around here.

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