Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vacation Post: Part V – Beach & Guardian Angel Greg

Thank You Letter to Middleton Towing in Engadine, Michigan:
We just wanted to express our appreciation for Middleton's Towing... especially Greg. My family was on vacation during the week of July 2nd. At 3pm, our Explorer died on us on the side of Highway 2, 6 miles east of Naubinway. We thought we would toast as is was late the Friday before a holiday weekend.

However, we were able to get a hold of Middleton's Towing. Greg, who was on his way to Sault Ste Marie with his family, turned around and came to our rescue. He was able to diagnose our car issue over the phone and even thought to buy the part before picking us up, since everything was closing down for the weekend.

Within an hour, he was installing a new alternator right there on the side of the road and we were on our way.

What could have been a complete disaster turned into a great show of customer service. We so appreciate Middleton's Towing, and especially Greg – who put his family's plan on hold for us – for what they did that Friday. We can't thank you enough.
There are so many mini-miracles throughout this story – that after we left we were all praising God rather than being upset that our alternator went out.
  1. Of the four adults in the car, only Marc brought a phone or a wallet.

  2. We were in a place where cell coverage was spotty at best and our car died in a spot WITH coverage. Plus Marc had his iPhone and were able to look up service options. The first place we called was already closed for the weekend.

  3. The owner of the Middleton Towing was also on the road 50 miles away, but also happened to be in spot with coverage, along with his employee, Greg (who was also on the road with his family).

  4. Greg was willing to turn around and help us despite his own family’s plan. He then had the forethought to look for a part for our car, since everything was shutting down the long weekend, before coming to tow us. He was able to find the last alternator the only open supplier had left before they closed for the weekend.

  5. He was then able to change the alternator on the side of the road rather than tow us (and therefore not have to leave several of us still stranded on the side of the road until we could be picked up.)

  6. They did not charge us an arm and a leg considering our circumstance, but a very fair (if not better than fair) price.

  7. We were planning on leaving that night and driving while the kids slept.  If this problem would have waited a few hours, we could have been stuck on the side of the road at 2 in the morning… over a holiday weekend.

We potentially could have easily been stuck in the UP over the long holiday weekend, which would have forced us to find additional lodging since we needed be out of our cabin the next day.  Extra lodging, extra food, along with car repairs over a major holiday = major $$.   But it didn’t happen that way, thank you Lord and Middleton’s Towing!

Anyway, before, our alternator died, we had a beautiful day at Lake Michigan.


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