Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation Post: Part I – Our Lake

Boys FishingWe headed up to the UP for our annual family vacation. We stayed on Millecoquin Lake. It’s a great fishing lake… usually.  This is what draws us there. And by us, I mean the guys. Us ladies and kids would probably be happy on any old lake that lets us play in the water, work on our tan, and watch the sunset.

Grandma and Boys on BoatHowever the weather wasn’t quite as cooperative as the we would have liked and therefore the fishing wasn’t as stellar as in past years.  We were still able to spend a few of our days out in the water… swimming, fishing, tubing, etc…  After tubing, I walked around for a few days barely able to raise my arms above my shoulders.

Andrew floppingThe boys has an amazing time outside, wanting to go out at every free moment to swim or fish off the dock or ride their bikes around the cabin. Mom and I would grab our chairs and our books to bask in the sun while AJ jumping inwatching the boys burn off some of their energy.

My aunt and uncle came up for a few of the days and brought up the boy’s cousin, Gideon.  Very good move. Especially on the days where the weather didn’t allow for water play, the boys had their buddy to play with.

Andrew, Gideon, & AJ






Marc Fishing

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