Thursday, March 20, 2008


Whenever referring to something in the past - could be yesterday or years ago, Andrew calls it "a couple awhile ago".

Me: "Andrew, when did you go fishing with daddy?"
Andrew: "A couple awhile ago".

Andrew, like his mommy, loves his back rubbed. However, his "back" refers to his clothed back and his "underback" refers to his bare back. So he will snuggle up next to me, lift up the back of his shirt and ask me to rub his underback.

And here is my big little man writing his very own name on the back of an envelope.

By the way, if anyone knows a good way to teach a youngster how to properly hold a pen/pencil, I could use some help. I don't hold it the correct way myself, so I am really struggling to teach him this.


Anonymous said...

Go to your local educational store (like Educational Providers). They have rubber devices to put on pencils to help the child know where the fingers go. Also, the bigger diameter pencils are nice to use for Andrew's age.

Jill Corwin said...

Yes, they even have these rubber grippers at Target or Walmart for really cheap. They are great, I had to use them for Cole.

Amie said...

That's so cute! I especially love "underback" ROFL

I was also going to suggest the rubber grip. I remember one of my classmates using one in elementary.

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