Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grilling Dad = Happy Mom.

It's Thursday and this week has flown by!

Monday, I watched a couple kiddos during the day. We had haircuts that night and the boys aged five years instantly. Andrew had a blast tearing around the house with his buddy, Aiden, and had a nice red mark on his forehead from it yet this evening.

We did get a call that evening from one (out of three) of my very pregnant friends, to tell me that we were on standby because she thought it was 'time to go'. We still had to swing by another friend's house after haircuts, so it was a very late night and the boys didn't go down until 10pm and I still had to make scones. Of course, the night that I am fully expecting the get her call to tell me "it's time", is the night that my children - both of them - do not sleep at all!! Man, come 3am and still not asleep, was I ever praying that I would not get her call that night. She called me the next morning to tell me the labor had stopped and no baby. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was praying against her delivering that night. (Although she reads this blog: Kari, I am sorry! You go into labor whenever you want and I will be ready! No matter how the kids are sleeping.)

Tuesday, we had our final Believing God Bible Study with my women's group. We had a wonderful brunch and just celebrated God and how he had shown up mightily in the last 6 months through this study. I really love these ladies and I am seriously hoping we can continue in some capacity before next fall. I did give in Tuesday afternoon and take a nap with the boys... the night before had done me in.

Wednesday we ran did a little grocery shopping in the morning, then just worked on cleaning the house. We had our college/career Bible Study at our home and it went well. We are also studying the Beleiving God study and will complete it next week. We are celebrating with a potluck. Always looking for an excuse for a potluck.

Today was a great day! My house was already clean from yesterday, the sun was shining, and we had nothing planned. We took our time this morning getting ourselves pulled together and headed to the library for a bit. It's been quite a while since we've done library time and I've missed having the 'new' books the read to the boys at night. Plus they had this seperate room set up to play with dress up, puppet show, puzzles, etc... After lunch and naps, we took a mile walk outside. Then... get this... Marc grilled our dinner! Even though it was still cold outside, there is nothing that lifts the spirit out of the winter blahs that the smell of the grill fired up.

Of course, my nice clean house is history, but I couldn't really expect it to last more than 24 hours could I? Tomorrow is gym day and maybe, just maybe, this weekend, we will be able to greet one, two, or maybe even three new babies into this world.

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