Thursday, March 13, 2008

First a bike, then the top bunk, then basketball...what next?

Big week for Andrew...

On Monday - the weather was nice, so he got to take his first official bike ride through the neighborhood. He did really well considering there is still quite a bit of snow around. Occaisionally, his training wheels would get caught in the snow and his back wheel would just spin as he tried to pedal his way out. I also had Noah that day... so it was the whole gang of us outside.

We did a little grocery shopping and errands on Tuesday and welcomed the second of the three little babies we were waiting for into the world.

Yesterday was gorgeous out and while I had a lot to do around the house to get ready for Bible Study here last night, I could send the boys into the back yard to play. It is SO NICE now that they are old enough to play out back by themselves!! I just keep the back door cracked a bit to hear them and check on them every few minutes and they are happy as can be. They went out in the morning and in the afternoon and both times didn't come in until their snow pants were thoroghly soaked. Man, even though I would stop every few minutes to check on them... I got a ton done with a couple hours of them being outside. This summer will be great!

Of course last night we had Bible Studywith a potluck. I made BBQ beef sandwiches and bought pretty full expecting leftovers. Nope - Gone! The night went well, but was a late one with the last leaving at 11:45pm. Which is fine, but just made me a little sleepy this morning. Today, it was too cold and windy to be out much, but we did hit the library for a bit. Then, we ran some errands as a family tonight picking up Wendy's while out... a real treat for the boys.

Although, Andrew was asking a million questions tonight as we were heading to a store. And finally he asked what store we were going to and I joked that it was one where they sell four-year-olds (bad mommy!). This didn't phase him much at the time. However, we got to one place and Marc just dropped me off at the door so I could run in quick. While I was in there, I guess Andrew seriously asked Marc if I was buying another four-year-old to bring home. He didn't want another four-year-old, because he was four and we didn't need two four-year-olds.

Now, the boys are in bed and tonight is Andrew's first night sleeping the top bunk. He had a practice run during naptime, but he didn't actually nap. So we will see how tonight goes. My cousins and 3 kids are coming up this weekend and we will probably need the top bunk, so we thought we should do a trial night before the house is full of people. Andrew is SO excited for his cousin Gideon to be here. He stopped our librarian today and told her all about Gideon coming tomorrow night for pizza.

Tomorrow is gym day in the morning with the NEW BIKE! While we are there, we will also be signing Andrew up for a pee-wee basketball class with daddy (using birthday money - thanks!) It starts in April and I think his daddy is pretty excited about it, too. We will then run to the Christian bookstore (Marc and I will be conducting premaritial counseling to an engaged couple in our young adult Bible Study. Pray for us and them!) before heading home to get the house ready for GIDEON!

Well, there you go again. Our week in a nutshell. It's been a good and blessed one.

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