Saturday, March 22, 2008

Clean as a skrieking whistle...

So this morning, Marc and I are working around the house, Andrew is playing in the main room and AJ is downstairs in the playroom... or so we thought.

Marc is vacuuming, but over the noise we hear AJ give a little short cry. I head downstairs to check on him. Not seeing him, I come back up in time to hear him start screaming. I race upstairs - give the standard audible gasp when I see AJ that causes Marc to drop the vacuum and come running. AJ had found our foaming soap dispenser. His entire face was covered in white foam. He looked like a snowman. The poor kid's eyes were squeezed shut and he was hysterical!

I grab him and immediately stick him in the shower, clothes and all and start spraying him down, not waiting for the water to warm up. Poor kid... soap in the eyes and a cold shower. By now, Marc is up and helping hold our screaming AJ while I continue to spray his face.

We finally get the soap out of his eyes and mouth and the rest of him washed down. He was tramatized for while needing lots of snuggles and he had little red eyes for a while, but he is doing much better now.

1 comment:

Rebecca H. said...

totally sounds like something one of mine would do! lol! i think they would get along great!

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